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Consistent growth without ever working a 16-hour day again. Is that a raised eyebrow I see? Don't take my word for it, take theirs below.

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Went from 0 to a 6 Figure Business in 3 months mmm

Doubled class attendance and membership, nearly tripled revenue

Increased profit margins from 6% to 47% &&&&&&

Doubled her revenue in June

Annie Trotta, clip from Ready Aim Empire Episode 148

Doubled her salary from 2016 to 2017

Alyssa Snow, clip from Ready Aim Empire Episode 152


109% increase in new members in 2 months

"My Sales are up 50% this month..."

Up 300% over last July

"With new systems and a marketing budget of $50 a quarter, my classes went from being a quarter full to completely full in just a few weeks."

I’m now about to introduce a waiting list. Wow - I can’t believe I’m even saying that. Full classes enable me to have more time for myself, with my family, and to work ‘on' my business, rather than ‘in' it. I’ve got so much freedom and fulfilment in my life now and it’s thanks to Lise for making it possible.


"We've more than doubled our class attendance and membership and nearly tripled our revenue, allowing us to add classes, staff and services."

When I met Lisa, I was working nearly 60 hours a week, barely breaking even and on the verge of burnout. The Client Cure allowed me to not only create a more sustainable and profitable business - but also more committed and engaged clients that are more successfully reaching their goals for their body and life! The Client Cure revolutionized my business


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"My income doubled within a month of working with Lise."

I started my yoga business in March 2015 and was excited, but feeling a bit lost about managing my money, bringing in new clients, and retaining them. Lise is an invaluable asset to my business.  


"It's pretty amazing to experience this - and this is the best January we've had in 12 years!"

People are buying and we don't have to sell anything because they realize our value!  


“Active memberships are up 34.4% year over year." 

We've just had record January membership numbers and our best overall revenue numbers in our 17 years of business. I attribute that to The Client Cure's modules and suggestions.

—MAURA VELLA, 105F, 3 Location Chain in Chicago

“When I joined the program and tried Facebook advertising, I went from making $543 during a week in June 2015 to making $5,078 in that very same week in June 2016. And I increased my new enrollment by 45% in August!"

I started working with Lise’s team after my one year mark, because I felt like I had gone as far as I could on my own. And I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel when I *knew* there were marketing experts who had figured this out already.

—ALIA KHAN, Founder of East Side Yoga, Washington DC

“We reached 38 membership sign ups in the first week!" 

We just opened our new studio and went from 11 to 30 classes per week on the schedule.


"Our revenue leapt from 11K a month to over 28K a month within just two months."

It’s crazy now to imagine that just one year ago, I was ready to close up shop and give up this dream and now, I’m wondering how many more businesses are in my future.


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